My name is Duane B. Karlin.  I currently work in the computer lab and handle technical support questions at East Evergreen Elementary school in Kalispell, Montana.  In the past, I worked as a Title 1 Tutor with Kindergarten through fourth grade students in reading and mathematics, focusing on enrichment activities and/or literacy issues.  

     I completed my master’s degree in Educational Technology through Michigan State University in August of 2012.  For my final project, I compiled and assembled an online portfolio that served as an assessment piece for the coursework of my graduate work studies.  

     So, I invite you to look through my portfolio and read my work that has enabled me to arrive at this juncture in my academic career.  You can also read more about me using the links at the bottom of this page or within the drop down menu in the “Introducing…” category.  Also, use the Contact Information tab menu if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or comments you would like to share.  

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