Educational Epiphany

As I evaluated my interests in education, technology, reading, and writing, I decided to learn how to effectively channel and integrate them, so that I could foster and promote 21st century skills to my current and future students.  This epiphany led me to applying for the master’s degree in Educational Technology program through Michigan State University.  I began my course of study in May of 2011, and I now find myself completing the final course for my degree.

Over the past year I have learned an abundance of Web 2.0 tools which I have begun integrating into my teaching.  I introduced second grade students to WikiSpaces and utilized online math resources for third grade students.  With each new skill I acquire, I brainstorm new ways to integrate this knowledge into my teaching.

As l complete my studies, I look forward to integrating and utilizing technology in thoughtful and engaging manners that will enable students to view the world as a global audience. This mindset will encourage their growth as they work toward becoming critical thinkers, producers, and consumers of information in the 21st century.


Reading and Writing