Reading and Writing

I am an avid reader who loves to read a wide array of books ranging from the latest in popular, mainstream, offbeat fiction, and timeless masterpieces to works based on scientific discoveries and intriguing biographies.  And even though I am a dedicated technophile and have read quite a few e-books, there is still something tangible and comforting about cracking open a book, absorbing the aroma of its crisp or aged pages and losing myself in an author’s world.  It is through this extreme love of books and reading that I want my students to appreciate and understand the gift of reading.

My enjoyment of reading also contributes to one of my other passions: writing.  I primarily write science fiction and fantasy.  (Think time travel and alternate realties, not dragons, elves, and other mythical creatures.)  Writing allows me to construct a world of rules and populate it with people about whom I care and see where our adventure takes us.  With the popularity surge of self-published e-books going mainstream, it is an encouraging time to be a writer.  See?  I’m not totally opposed to e-books; they have their merits!

I am currently self-publishing one of my earlier short novels on my other WordPress site.  Please check it out and leave me some feedback or questions.  Thanks.




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